How To Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

how to decorate a living room with a fireplace

Having A fireplace in your living room Decorate can add A great deal of charm and character to your home. Decorating A living room with A fireplace is an ideal way to maximize the impact of this feature. In order to make the most of the chimney as part of your decor, It’s important to consider both style and function. Choosing the right piece for your living space. can help create such an environment. Which is visually appealing and comfortable for you and those who visit.

Why Do We Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace?

Why Do We Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

Decorating A living room with A chimney is A great way to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. Fireplaces provide both warmth and ambiance, Making them A popular feature in living rooms. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing. But they can also provide an auxiliary source of heat during cold weather. Additionally, Fireplaces can be used as A focal point in the room, allowing you to decorate around It and create an eye-catching design. Decorating with A fireplace allows for creativity and personalization, Ensuring that your living area will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

Benefits Of Decorating A Living Room With A Fireplace!

Benefits Of Decorating A Living Room With A Fireplace

The warmth of the fire creates an ambiance that is both cozy and comforting, Making It the perfect spot for entertaining or relaxing after A long day. Having A chimney in the living area adds A unique aesthetic. It can be used as an accent piece to draw attention to certain areas of the room, Or as the centerpiece of your overall decorating scheme. Whether you choose A traditional wood-burning fireplace or an electric model, It will add charm and character to your home. 

Here Are Some Easy Guides To Decorating A Living Room With A Fireplace :

Make A Plan

A fireplace is often the focal point of A room, So It’s important to make sure that your decor complements Its aesthetic appeal. Before you start shopping for furniture and accessories, Take some time to plan out your vision for the space. This will help you create A cohesive design that works well with the chimney.

One way to get formed is to believe in the style of your home. If you have A traditional or classic decor scheme, Then you may want to choose furniture pieces that are ornate and elegant. On the other hand, If you prefer A modern look, Then sleek lines and minimalistic designs might be more appropriate. Whatever your personal taste may be, Always keep in mind how It will complement the chimney. Another important factor when decorating A living space with A fireplace is choosing colors and patterns that work well together.

Create A Fireplace The Focal Point 

Create A Fireplace The Focal Point 

Creating A fireplace as the focal point of your living area is an excellent way to add warmth, coziness, And style to your space. A well-decorated fireplace can also serve as A stunning centerpiece that draws attention and adds character to any living room. Whether you have A traditional or modern home, With the right decor and accessories, You can create an inviting atmosphere around your chimney.

To decorate A living room with A fireplace, Start by choosing the right color palette that complements your existing decor. Neutral colors like beige, Gray, Or white work well with most fireplaces and offer endless decorating options. You can also use bold colors for accent walls or fabrics if you want to add some drama to your space. Additionally, Adding decorative elements such as artwork, Mirrors or candles on the mantel can make A striking statement in any living room.

Choose A Rustic Fireplace

Choose A Rustic Fireplace

A rustic fireplace can add warmth and coziness to your space, Creating A welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. When deciding on A rustic fireplace for your living room, There are several factors that you should consider.

You need to determine the size of the chimney that will match your living room’s proportions. Choose the type of material that you want for the mantel and surround. For A rustic look, Natural stone or wood are excellent options. Select the style of the firebox that suits your taste – whether It be traditional or modern. Once you have chosen these key elements of your rustic chimney design, It’s time to consider accessories that will enhance Its aesthetic appeal even further.

Create A U-Shaped 

Create A U-Shaped 

A U-shaped living space can be A wonderful space to decorate, especially if you have A chimney. With the right layout and design elements, You can create A cozy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for relaxing with family and friends.

This will allow you to take benefit of the warmth and ambiance of the fire while also making an intimate seating area for conversation or watching TV. You could also add some decorative touches like throw pillows or blankets to make the space feel even cozier. For example, You could place two smaller rugs in front of each seating area on either side of the fireplace, Creating distinct zones for conversation or relaxation.

Twist Brick On The Fireplace

Twist Brick On The Fireplace

Decorate A living room with A fireplace can be both fun and challenging. Twist brick is an artistic way to create patterns on your fireplace walls that will add character and texture to your living space.

To achieve A perfect twist brick look, You will need to start by cleaning the surface of your chimney wall thoroughly. This involves releasing any dirt or grime that may have accumulated over time. Once you have done that, Apply the desired plaster color onto the surface of your wall using A trowel in an up-and-down motion while gradually rotating It in one direction. This technique creates A spiral effect on the wall, Giving It an elegant twist brick finish.

Color The Twisted Brick

Color The Twisted Brick

Coloring the twisted brick in your living space with A chimney can be an exciting and creative task. It is A great opportunity to give your space A unique touch that sets It apart from other living rooms.

When choosing colors for your twisted brick, Consider what kind of mood you want to create in your living room. For example, If you want to create A cozy and warm atmosphere, Opt for earthy tones like brown, Beige, Or taupe. If you prefer something more lively and vibrant, Bright colors such as red or orange may be reasonably suited for your style. Don’t forget about the rest of the decor in your living space when selecting colors for the twisted brick around the fireplace. Consider coordinating with other elements in the room such as furniture upholstery or wall art.

Make Your Fireplace Pop With Color

Make Your Fireplace Pop With Color

The chimney in A living space can be A focal point of the entire space. Whether you have A classic or modern design, There are plenty of ways to decorate around It and make It pop with color. 

One way to add color to your living space is by using brightly colored accessories such as throw pillows, Curtains, Or rugs. These items offer an opportunity to add pops of bright colors that complement or contrast with the overall decor scheme in the space. You could also consider painting the walls behind and around the fireplace in vivid colors such as orange, Red, Or yellow for an even more dramatic effect.

Add Green And Gold Marble

Add Green And Gold Marble Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

Green and gold marble is an excellent choice for decorating A living space with A chimney. The mixture of these two colors creates A graceful and classic look that will never go out of style. Additionally, The unique texture of marble adds depth and character to any space.

To incorporate green and gold marble into your living room, Start by selecting A fireplace surround made from this material. This will serve as the focal topic of the room and set the tone for your scenery. Consider pairing It with neutral furnishings, Such as beige or cream sofas, To let the marble stand out. For example, You could add throw pillows in emerald or mustard tones or hang artwork featuring these hues on your walls. To complete the look, Incorporate metallic accents like brass candlesticks or A gilded mirror above your mantlepiece.

Use A Fender In A Traditional Space

Use A Fender In A Traditional Space

A fender is typically made of metal and placed in front of the fireplace to protect the surrounding area from sparks and embers.

Consider the material and design that will match your existing decor. You can opt for sleek brass or polished nickel for A modern look or choose ornate ironwork for A more traditional style. The size of the fender should also be proportional to the size of your fireplace so that It does not overwhelm or underwhelm the space. Once you have selected your ideal fender, You can use It as A starting point for decorating around your fireplace.

Add A Tiny Plant Above The Fireplace

Decorate A living room with A fireplace can be tricky. But there’s one simple addition that can make all the difference: A tiny plant above the mantel. Not only does It add A touch of greenery to the space, But It also creates an eye-catching focal point that draws attention to the fireplace. Whether you prefer succulents or ferns, There’s A plant out there that’s perfect for your space.

One of the best things about adding A tiny plant above your fireplace is that It’s an easy way to inject some personality into your decor. Plants come in all figures and sizes, So you can select one that fits your style perfectly. Plus, They’re relatively low-maintenance and don’t demand much daylight or water. Making them an ideal option for active homeowners who don’t have time for high-maintenance plants.

Add Tv Over A Fireplace

Add Tv Over A Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

Adding A TV above A fireplace is not only practical but can also be an excellent way to decorate your living room with A fireplace.

One of the primary benefits of having A TV above your fireplace is that It frees up floor space. This means that you can use your limited living room space more efficiently without sacrificing comfort or style. Additionally, This setup allows for optimal viewing angles from various seating positions in the room, Making It ideal for family movie nights or watching sports games with friends.

Add A Mirror On Either Side 

Mirrors are A great way to enhance natural light, Create an illusion of more space, And add an element of style to any room.

When placed strategically on either side of the fireplace, Mirrors can reflect light from the flames and create an even cozier ambiance in your living room. Additionally, Mirrors can help illuminate dark corners or areas without much natural light. This will not only make your living area brighter but also more welcoming and inviting for guests.

Add A Big Frame In The Fireplace

A big frame in the fireplace can also be A great way to add some character and style to your space. Whether you have an old-fashioned brick hearth or A modern gas firebox. There are many creative ways to decorate your living area with this classic feature.

One option is to use the mantel as A focal point for artwork and decor. Choose pieces that complement your existing color scheme and style, Such as family photos, Vases of flowers, Or decorative objects like candles or sculptures. You could also hang mirrors above the mantel for added visual interest and reflection of light. Another idea is to fill the fireplace itself with decorative elements.

Use White Painted Brick

Use White Painted Brick Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

White-painted brick is an excellent way to decorate A living room with A fireplace. With Its timeless appeal and versatility, It can add texture and character to any space while providing A neutral canvas for the rest of your décor. 

White-painted brick adds warmth and coziness to the living room. The natural texture of brick gives the room A rustic feel, While the white color brightens up the space, Making It look more inviting. Using white painted brick on your fireplace wall creates an eye-catching focal point in the room. It draws attention to the fireplace and gives It center stage, Making It A perfect spot for relaxation or entertainment.

White-painted brick is incredibly versatile when It comes to decorating style. It can complement any decor style from modern minimalist to farmhouse chic or even industrial aesthetics.

Textured Fireplace With Floating Shelf

Decorate A living room with A fireplace can be both challenging and exciting. Fireplaces add warmth, Ambiance, And character to any room. One way to elevate the look of your fireplace is by adding A textured wall finish. Textured walls create depth and interest, Making your fireplace the focal point of the room.

A floating shelf adds function and style to your space, Providing storage for decor items such as candles or picture frames. It also creates an opportunity to showcase artwork or family photos on the wall above the mantel. The combination of A textured wall and A floating shelf makes for an eye-catching display that will impress guests and provide year-round enjoyment for you and your family.

Add Books 

Add Books Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

A living space with A chimney is A cozy and inviting space in any home. Adding books to your living space decor is an excellent way to not only fill the space but also give It A sophisticated touch.

Books are versatile and come in different sizes, Colors, And designs. They can be used as decorative items for floating shelves in the living room or even stacked next to your fireplace. You can choose books based on their cover color or theme, Which complements the overall ambiance of your living room. If you’re looking for A more minimalist look, Consider organizing your books by color rather than alphabetically or by genre. This approach creates an aesthetic appeal that will make your living area feel modern and stylish at the same time.

Display The Collection 

Display The Collection Decorate A Living Room With A Fireplace

Decorate A living room with A fireplace can be an exciting task. The fireplace is often the centerpiece of the room, And It provides warmth and comfort during the colder months.

This allows you to showcase your collection while also creating balance in the room. You can use decorative baskets or boxes to store smaller items, Such as figurines or trinkets. Another idea is to hang artwork above the mantel that complements your collection. For example, If you collect vintage cameras, Hang black and white photos of old cameras on either side of the mantel.

Opt For Floor-To-Ceiling Tiles

Tiles come in various sizes, Shapes, Colors, And materials such as ceramic, Porcelain, Natural stone, Or glass. Choose from bold patterns or neutral palettes to suit your style preference. A sleek modern design or rustic charm can be achieved through the use of different tile types. You can also play around with textures such as matte finishes or high gloss looks for added decoration and interest. Not only will floor-To-Ceiling tiles make your living space more visually demanding but they are also practical. They are easy to clean and maintain while adding durability to high-traffic areas like around the fireplace.

Hang Twinkly Lights

Twinkly lights come in various colors, Shapes, And sizes, Making them the perfect décor choice for any style or design. You can select traditional white string lights or opt for colored ones that match your décor theme. Once you have selected your preferred type of light, It’s time to start trimming. The easiest way to hang twinkly lights around your fireplace is by using adhesive hooks or clips that can be easily attached without damaging walls or paintwork.

How Do I Choose A Fireplace?

Choosing a fireplace for your home can be an exciting and overwhelming process. There are many factors to consider, Such as the size of the room, The type of fuel you’d like to use (wood, gas, etc.), And the style of fireplace that best suits your home. 

Wood-burning fireplaces are traditional and provide A cozy atmosphere with their crackling flames and smoky aroma. Gas fireplaces are easy to operate and maintain, But they don’t have the same charm as wood-burning fireplaces. Electric fireplaces offer convenience with no smoke or mess. But they don’t provide the same warmth or ambiance as wood or gas models.

How Do You Arrange Furniture Around A Fireplace?

Arranging furniture around A fireplace can be tricky, But It doesn’t have to be complicated. The key is to create A comfortable and inviting space that allows for conversation and relaxation. 

Start by creating A focal point with the chimney itself. Place the largest piece of furniture in the room, Such as A sofa or loveseat, Directly across from the fireplace. This will create an intimate seating area that encourages conversation. You can also arrange two chairs on either side of the fireplace for additional seating.

Be sure to leave enough space between pieces of furnishings so that people can move around comfortably. You don’t want your guests feeling cramped or crowded when they come over! Additionally, You can add accent pieces like rugs, Artwork. And plants to help bring the room together and make it feel more inviting.


A living room with A fireplace can be an ideal way to add warmth and atmosphere to your home. With the right accessories, Furniture, And decor, You can create A cozy atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy. Just remember to keep safety in mind when selecting materials and decorations that will come into contact with the fire. Additionally, It’s important to consider ventilation when using the fireplace in order to prevent smoke damage or other hazards.

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