How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

How To Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

Guinea pigs are popular pets that make great companions due to their cute And cuddly nature. However, They require A suitable living space to keep them healthy And happy. If you’re looking for an affordable yet spacious housing option for your furry friend, Consider converting A bookshelf into A guinea pig cage. Making A Pets pig pen out of A bookshelf is not only practical but also creative. With some simple modifications, You can transform an old or unused bookshelf into the perfect home for your pet. In this article, We’ll guide you through the steps on how to make A Pets pig pen out of A bookcase from scratch so that you can provide your furry friend with A comfortable And safe living environment without breaking the bank!

What is a Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf?

What is a Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf is A creative And space-efficient way to provide A habitat for your pet. Essentially, It involves converting an old or unused bookshelf into A multi-level, Spacious Pets pig cage. The bookshelf is laid on its back, And each shelf is transformed into a separate ‘floor’ for the cage. The open front of the bookshelf is usually secured with wire mesh or plexiglass to ensure the guinea pigs can’t escape but still have plenty of ventilation and visibility. The spaces between shelves can be connected using ramps or tunnels, providing your guinea pigs with plenty of room to explore, exercise, and play. Always ensure the bookshelf is sturdy, safe, and has no sharp edges before use.

Transforming a Bookshelf into a Spacious Guinea Pig Cage

1. Choosing The Right Bookshelf

Choosing The Right Bookshelf

2. Preparing The Bookshelf

Preparing The Bookshelf

Once you’ve chosen the perfect Bookshelf, It’s time to prepare It for conversion. Begin by cleaning the bookshelf thoroughly to remove any dust or residue. Next, If your bookshelf has A closed back or sides, you’ll need to remove these panels to create an open-fronted cage. Depending on the bookshelf’s construction, You may need to use A saw or A screwdriver for this step. Make sure to sand down any rough edges to prevent potential injury to your guinea pigs. Remember, Safety first!

3. Adding Flooring And Liners

Adding Flooring And Liners

After preparing the structure, it’s time to make the interior comfortable for your guinea pigs. Start by adding flooring to each level of your cage. You can use vinyl tiles or a similar easy-to-clean material. After the flooring, add a soft layer of fleece liners or bedding. This layer not only offers comfort to your guinea pigs’ feet but also absorbs urine, reducing odors and keeping the cage cleaner. Remember to choose materials that are safe for guinea pigs, Non-toxic, And easy to clean. With these additions, Your bookshelf is now A multi-level palace, Ready to welcome its small, Furry residents.

4. Creating Levels And Platforms

Creating Levels And Platforms Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

Now that you’ve prepared the bookcase and added comfortable flooring, the next step is to create levels and platforms. This gives your guinea pigs more space to explore and simulates their natural environment. If your bookshelf doesn’t already have in-built shelves to serve as levels, you can create them using sturdy, non-toxic wood, and brackets. Each level should be spacious and easily accessible. Connect the levels using ramps or tunnels. Ensure the ramps have guardrails and a non-slip surface for safe climbing. Platforms and levels enrich your guinea pigs’ environment, providing opportunities for exercise and play.

5. Installing Wire Mesh

Installing Wire Mesh Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

The final step in turning your bookshelf into A Pets pig cage is to install wire mesh. This is A crucial step, As the mesh allows for ventilation, Gives your pets A view of their surroundings, And, Most importantly, Keeps them safely contained. Measure the open front of the bookshelf and cut A piece of wire mesh to fit. Attach it securely using cable ties or small screws and washers, Ensuring there are no sharp edges exposed. Remember, The spacing of the mesh should be small enough to prevent your guinea pigs from escaping but large enough to ensure good airflow. After this step, your DIY Pets pig cage is complete and ready for its new inhabitants!

6. Assembling The Cage

Assembling The Cage Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

After installing the wire mesh, Your bookshelf-turned-Pets pig cage is almost ready. Now It’s time for the final assembly. Arrange the levels And platforms as per your design, Securely fix the ramps or tunnels connecting each level. If you’re using any free-standing platforms, Ensure they’re stable And won’t topple over. Fit any additional features like hidey-houses or hay racks at this stage, spreading them across the different levels for variety. Finally, add your guinea pigs’ food and water dishes, and toys to make the space welcoming and familiar. Assembling the cage with care ensures your pets will have a safe and enriching home.

7. Access Points And Doors

Access Points And Doors Make A Guinea Pig Cage Out Of A Bookshelf

One important feature of any good pet cage is easy access to feeding, cleaning, and interacting with your pets. To create access points or doors in your Pet’s pig cage, select one or more spots on the mesh front that you can cut open. These openings should be large enough for your hand and a guinea pig to pass through comfortably. After cutting the mesh, attach the cut-out piece back onto the cage using hinges and a latch to create a door. Be careful to file down any sharp edges to protect both you and your pets from injury. With convenient access points, maintaining your cage and bonding with your guinea pigs becomes a breeze.

8. Adding Accessories And Toys

A Pets pig cage isn’t complete without accessories and toys for enrichment. To make your guinea pigs’ new home more enjoyable, add a variety of accessories such as tunnels, bridges, and hideouts. Toys like balls, chew toys, and activity logs can keep your Pet pigs entertained and active. When adding accessories and toys, remember to distribute them across different levels and areas, encouraging your Pet to explore their entire habitat. Variety is the key here; changing out the toys and accessories periodically can keep the environment stimulating for your pets.

9. Maintenance And Cleaning

Maintaining your DIY Pets’ pig cage clean is crucial for the health And well-being of your pets. Regularly clean out the food and water dishes, Refill the hay racks, And change the bedding. Every few weeks, do A deep clean which involves removing your Pet, All the accessories, and bedding from the cage, then thoroughly cleaning the entire cage with A safe, pet-friendly cleaning solution. After the cage is dry, replace the bedding, reinstall the accessories, and return your pets to their clean, refreshed homes.


Crafting A Pets pig cage out of A bookcase is an inventive And cost-effective solution for housing your pet. Not only does It make good use of An existing piece of furniture, But It also allows for customization to suit your pet’s unique needs. By following these steps, You can create A multi-level, Spacious home that is sure to keep your guinea pig entertained, Safe, And comfortable. However, Always remember that no matter how well-designed the cage is, Nothing can replace daily interaction and love. Spend time with your pet, keep their living environment clean, And continually introduce new toys And treats for their enrichment. In doing so, You’ll ensure that your guinea pig’s bookshelf home truly is A castle. So, Embrace your inner DIY spirit And get to work on A pet home project that’s as fun to create as It is beneficial for your pet. Happy building!

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