How To Style Open Shelves Living Room

How To Style Open Shelves Living Room

Welcome to your journey into the realm of interior design where style meets functionality. In today’s blog post, We’re diving into the world of open shelves in the living room—A feature that marries practical storage with A chic aesthetic. Are you captivated by the sight of beautifully styled open shelves on Instagram and wondering how to recreate such elegance in your own home? Do you want to turn your collection of books, Trinkets, And memorable keepsakes into an eye-catching display? You’ve Come to the right place. From understanding the balance between clutter and minimalism to choosing the right colors and lighting, there’s A whole art to open shelving. We’re here to guide you through It. So, Fasten your seatbelts as we embark on this transformative journey together. Let’s turn your living room-style open shelves into A centerpiece that truly reflects your personality.

What Are The Open Shelves?

Open shelves are a type of storage solution that is visible and accessible from all sides. Unlike traditional cabinets with doors, Open frames don’t have an enclosure. They are commonly used in various parts of the home, Like the kitchen, Bathroom, Or living space, For both practical And decorative purposes. They offer A perfect space to display books, Dishes, Collectibles, And more. Their open nature also promotes A more spacious, Airy feel in A room. Open shelving units can be freestanding or wall-mounted. It comes in A variety of materials And styles to suit different decor preferences.

Styling Open Shelves in Your Living Room

1. Assessing The Space

When It comes to designing open Style shelves in your living room. It’s vital to start with an assessment of the space. This entails understanding the dimensions of the room. Taking note of the existing color scheme, And considering the overall aesthetic you wish to accomplish. Pay attention to how natural light enters the room And the different elements that currently inhabit the space, Like furniture and art pieces. This step is about gaining A comprehensive understanding of the room’s structure and atmosphere. Thus providing A base from which to start your styling endeavor.

2. Have Fun With Paint

The paint color for your open shelves is a defining factor that could drastically alter the room’s ambiance. Depending on your living room’s existing aesthetic, you could opt for a bold one. Contrasting colors to make your frames a standout feature or choose a more subtle one. Harmonious color to seamlessly blend the frames into your room. Remember, This is A chance to show your creativity. Consider using different shades or even patterns to bring A unique touch to your open frames.

3. Evaluate Space

After setting the stage with the perfect paint, The next step is to evaluate the space on your empty shelves. This step involves determining what will be stored or displayed on the stands, and it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and style. Think about the items you want to place on the stands And their sizes, Shapes, And colors. Remember, It can serve as A window into your personality, So choose items that tell A story about you. Also, Ensure there’s enough breathing space between items to avoid A cluttered look.

4. Incorporate Some Books

Books are not just sources of knowledge; They can also be powerful design elements when incorporated into your open shelves. The beauty of books lies not only in their content but also in their covers and spines. Which can add pops of color and texture to your shelves. Consider arranging your books both vertically And horizontally to create visual interest. You can group books by color, size, or topic to enhance the overall aesthetic. Don’t forget to intersperse them with decorative objects to break up the monotony and create an inviting display.

5. Creating Visual Balance

Creating visual balance is key to achieving an aesthetically pleasing arrangement on your open frames. Start by selecting a mix of objects in varying sizes, shapes, and colors. Arrange them in a way that distributes visual weight evenly across the shelves. Experiment with different heights and depths to add dimension. Consider incorporating decorative boxes, vases, or plants to break up the visual space. Step back and assess the arrangement, making adjustments as needed to achieve a harmonious and balanced display.

6. Prioritise Balance

While visual balance is important, it’s equally crucial to prioritize physical balance when styling your open frames. Consider the weight and stability of the items you place on each shelf. Distribute heavier items evenly across the shelves to avoid an imbalanced display. If needed, use bookends or sturdy display stands to provide support. Prioritizing balance not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures the longevity and safety of your shelves.

7. Incorporate Art

Incorporating art into your shelves and decorating ideas open stands living space is A fantastic way to add personality And visual interest to the space. Whether you’re A fan of paintings, Sculptures, Or photography, Carefully curating And displaying artwork can create a captivating focal point. Consider choosing pieces that reflect your style and evoke emotions that resonate with you. To make the most impact, vary the sizes, shapes, and colors of the artworks, creating an eclectic mix that adds depth to the shelves. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements and compositions. Allowing the art to tell a story and spark conversations among your guests. With art as a prominent feature, your open stands living space will become an artistic sanctuary. Showcasing your unique taste and enriching your overall decor.

8. Consider Item Weight

While It can be tempting to fill every available space with decorative objects And knick-knacks. Overcrowding the shelves can make the room feel cluttered And overwhelming. Take into account the structural integrity of your shelves And the weight they can bear. Opt for lighter items like decorative vases, Small plants, And books to maintain a balanced and visually pleasing display. If you have heavier objects or larger items you want to showcase, distribute them evenly across the shelves to ensure stability and prevent any potential accidents. By being mindful of item weight, you can create a stylish and safe arrangement that enhances the overall aesthetic of your open stand’s living space.

9. Rearrange as You Wish

One of the advantages of open shelves is their flexibility. Embrace the freedom to rearrange your display whenever inspiration strikes or when you want to give your living space a fresh look. Experiment with different arrangements, swap out objects or introduce new pieces periodically. By regularly refreshing your frames, you can breathe new life into your living space and showcase different aspects of your style and interests.


Styling open shelves in your living room is an opportunity to showcase your style And add A touch of elegance to the space. By following A few key principles, such as incorporating art. Considering item weight, And maintaining balance, you can transform your open shelves into a visually appealing focal point. The strategic placement of decorative objects, books, and plants can create a sense of harmony and organization. Additionally, Selecting artwork that resonates with you And arranging It in an eye-catching manner adds A unique touch to the overall design. Remember, Less is often more when It comes to open shelves, So resist the urge to overcrowd them. With A thoughtful approach to styling, Your open-stand living space will become A reflection of your personality and an inviting space for both relaxation and entertainment.

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