Where To Put TV In Living Room With Fireplace

Are you struggling to find The perfect placement for your TV in a living room with A fireplace? Balancing The two focal points can be A challenge, but with careful consideration and a bit of creativity, you can create a harmonious And inviting space. In this article, we will explore various placement options for your TV in a living space with A fireplace, ensuring both comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Imagine cozying up on your couch, enjoying The warmth of A crackling Firebox while catching up on your favorite shows. Finding the right placement for your TV in A living room with a fireplace is crucial to ensure A comfortable viewing experience without compromising the ambiance. Let’s dive into the different options And considerations when deciding where to put your TV.

Consider The Focal Point

Both the TV and fireplace act as focal points in a living room, demanding attention. To avoid visual competition And create a balanced arrangement, it’s essential to consider their relationship. One approach is to place the TV beside the Firebox, allowing them to complement each other rather than compete.

Above The Fireplace

Mounting the TV above the fireplace is a popular choice for many homeowners. It maximizes wall space And creates a sleek, streamlined look. Ergonomics play a crucial role, As placing the TV too high can strain the neck. Ensure the viewing angle remains comfortable by mounting the TV at eye level when seated. Additionally, proper ventilation is vital to prevent overheating of the TV. Consider using a tilting mount to angle The TV downward slightly for better viewing.

Beside The Fireplace

If you prefer a more traditional setup, placing The TV beside the fireplace is an excellent option. Utilize the adjacent walls to create a balanced layout. Take into account the viewing angle And distance from the seating area to ensure optimal comfort. You can opt for A media console or wall-mounted shelving to accommodate both the TV and additional media devices.

Corner Placement

When space is limited, utilizing corner spaces can be A smart solution. Install a corner TV stand or wall mount to maximize the use of the room. This placement allows for flexible viewing angles and creates an efficient layout. Ensure the TV is positioned at eye level And adjust the seating arrangement accordingly to maintain a comfortable viewing experience.

Incorporating the Fireplace into a TV Unit

For a cohesive look, consider incorporating the Firebox into a custom-built TV unit. This approach allows you to design a functional and visually appealing focal point. Ensure proper heat insulation between the Firebox and TV, taking into account the dimensions and heat output of the fireplace. This integration provides a seamless and unified look to your living room.

Hidden TV Solutions

If you prefer to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your living room without The TV being the center of attention, consider hidden TV solutions. Various options, such as TV cabinets, motorized lifts, or artwork covers, allow you to conceal The TV when it’s not in use. This way, you can enjoy the fireplace And create a more visually pleasing space when the TV is not needed.

Put Your TV Next to the Fireplace

One benefit of placing the TV next to The fireplace is that it eliminates the need for two separate seating areas in the living room. With this setup, you can comfortably watch TV while enjoying The warmth of a fire without having to crane your neck Or constantly move furniture around. It also makes for an easy transition from watching television to socializing with guests Or relaxing by oneself.

Angle Your Television

One option for placing your TV in A living room with a Firebox is to angle it away from The fireplace. This approach allows you to enjoy both focal points without having to choose between them. By angling your television, you can create two distinct seating areas—one for watching TV and one for enjoying The warmth And ambiance of your fire.

Add Your TV Over a Fireplace Console Table

A console table can serve as a perfect spot for your TV, especially if you choose one that’s sized appropriately. You’ll need to measure your space carefully and choose A console table that will fit snugly over your Firebox without interfering with its use Or creating an awkward visual balance. Many modern consoles come equipped with cable management systems, so you can easily hide unsightly wires and cables.

Considerations for Room Layout and Size

When determining the placement of your TV and fireplace, take into account the overall room layout and size. Assess the dimensions of the room And consider the placement of other furniture pieces. Ensure that the TV is visible from all seating areas, and the distance between the TV and the seating allows for comfortable viewing. Adapt the placement options mentioned earlier to suit your specific room size And layout.

Enhancing the Living Room Ambiance

In addition to finding the right placement, it’s crucial to enhance The overall ambiance of your living space. Coordinate the design elements of your TV and fireplace to create a cohesive look. Consider complementary decor, such as artwork, candles, or plants, to enhance The visual appeal. Thoughtful lighting choices can also contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living space.

Fireplace In The Middle

A fireplace in the middle of A room exudes warmth and creates a cozy ambiance. It becomes the focal point, drawing people together And fostering conversations. The crackling sound Of burning wood adds a touch of tranquility, while the dancing flames provide a mesmerizing display. Whether it’s a traditional hearth or A modern design, a fireplace in the middle brings comfort and charm to any space.

Expert Tips for Optimal Placement

To ensure the best possible TV placement in your living room with a fireplace, consider these expert tips:

  1. Seek professional advice: Consult with a professional designer or installer who can provide guidance based on your specific space and requirements.
  2. Test different placement options: Experiment with different TV placements before finalizing. Move the TV around the room and assess the viewing experience from different angles and seating positions.
  3. Adapt to individual preferences: Everyone’s preferences and needs may differ. Consider personal preferences for viewing angles, seating arrangements, and overall room aesthetics when determining the TV placement.


Finding the perfect placement for your TV in a living space with a fireplace is A balancing act between functionality and aesthetics. Whether you choose to place the TV above the fireplace, beside it, in a corner, Or incorporate it into A custom unit, consider The ergonomics, ventilation, And overall room layout. With careful planning And attention to detail, You can create a cozy And visually appealing living space that seamlessly integrates both the TV and the Firebox.

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