How To Decorate A Large Wall In The Living Room

How To Decorate A Large Wall In the Living Room

Decorate A large wall in the living room. This is an important question for many homeowners, Especially those who want to create A spacious and inviting environment. Some of the most popular techniques involve using large pieces of art, Grouping furniture around the space, And using natural light as your main source of illumination. Large walls can be A great place to showcase art or display collections of family photos. But before you start painting or mounting photos, There are A few things you need to know about decorating A big wall in the living room. Here are four tips for making your large wall look Its best.

Why Do We Decorate A Large Wall In the Living Room?

One common reason to decorate A large wall in the living room is to create A focal point. Placing A large piece of art or furniture against the wall, Can draw your attention to It and make the space feel more homelike. Additionally, A large wall can help divide the room into smaller spaces, Making It feel more spacious.

Benefits Of Decorating A Large Wall In the Living Room!

There are many benefits to decorating A big wall in your living room. First, It can create A focal point in the room. Second, It can be A great way to add personality and flair to your space. Third, It can be A great way to show off your favorite pieces of art or furniture. Finally, It can be A great way to add extra storage space to your room.

Here Are Some Easy Guides To Decorate A Large Wall In The Living Room:

1. Make A Plan

Once you have decided on your style and identified what elements you would like to incorporate into your wall space, Start by arranging them on A floor or table surface before installing them on the wall.

The key to making this happen is creating A plan that will guide you through the process. The first step in creating your plan is to determine the style you want to achieve. This will help you choose the right colors, Textures, And materials that complement your existing décor. Next, Consider the size of the wall and how much space you have to work with. A large wall provides ample opportunities for incorporating different elements such as artwork, Mirrors, Shelves in living rooms, Or even plants.

2. Apply Patterned Wallpaper

Apply Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper can add just the right amount of character and charm to your space. Whether you prefer bold prints or subtle designs, Patterned wallpaper is an excellent way to elevate your home decor. 

Measure your wall accurately to determine how much wallpaper you’ll need. You don’t want to end up short or with too much paper left over. Choose A pattern that complements the existing color scheme in your living area. If you have neutral furniture and accents, Consider adding A bold print for added interest. Prepare the surface of your wall by cleaning It thoroughly and filling any holes or cracks with spackle.

3. Hang Oversized Artwork

A huge painting or photograph can make A statement and bring an artistic flair to any room. Choose the right spot for your artwork. It should be in proportion with the rest of your furniture and not too high up on the wall. Make sure It’s at eye level when you stand in front of It so that everyone can appreciate Its beauty. Consider the color scheme of your living area before selecting your piece of art. The colors should complement each other and create an overall cohesive look. Once you’ve chosen your piece of art, It’s time to hang It up. Use two hooks instead of one so that It stays steady and doesn’t tilt over time

4. Add Texture

Adding texture is A great way to decorate A large wall in the living room. A flat and empty wall can be boring and uninviting, But incorporating different textures adds depth and interest to your space.

Woven tapestries are A beautiful way to add texture to your walls. They come in various designs and colors that can match the theme of your living area décor. You can hang them up individually or layer them over each other for an even more textured look. Wooden panels are another option that creates A rustic feel while also adding dimension to your walls. They can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the size of the wall. Wallpaper with patterns or textures is also A great option for adding texture to your living area walls.

5. Go For A Gallery Wall

Go For A Gallery Wall

Create A gallery wall. A gallery wall is essentially A collection of art pieces, Photographs, And other decor items arranged together to create A cohesive display. It’s the perfect way to show off your personality and add some visual interest to an otherwise blank space.

This will help you decide which pieces to include and how to arrange them. You can go for something abstract or concrete like family portraits or travel photos. Select frames that complement each other but don’t necessarily match perfectly. This adds dimension and texture to the display. Consider adding some non-art elements such as mirrors or even decorative plates for added interest.

6. Add Shelves

Add Shelves

Adding shelves to A big wall in your living area is an excellent way to decorate the space and make It more functional. With the right shelving units, You can create an eye-catching display that not only looks great but also provides much-needed storage space. 

Decide on the type of shelves that will best suit your needs. Do you want floating shelves or bookshelves? Once you have decided on the style and design, Consider how many shelves you need and where they should be placed. You could go for A symmetrical look with evenly spaced out shelves or mix It up with different-sized ones.

7. Add Photos To Shelves

Add Photos To Shelves

Consider adding photos to shelves! This simple and stylish idea is perfect for showcasing your favorite memories and giving your space a personal touch. Not only does It add visual interest, But It also creates A focal point that draws the eye.

Floating or box shelves are great options because they allow you to display photos without taking up too much space on the wall. If you have an eclectic style, Consider using different types of shelves for added texture and dimension. Once you have selected the right shelves, Decide on the photos you want to display. Mix and match sizes and orientations for A visually interesting display.

8. Add Your Collection

Add Your Collection

One approach is to choose A theme for your collection, Such as vintage posters or family photographs. You can then arrange them in an interesting pattern using frames of different shapes and sizes. Another option is to mix and match items from different categories, Such as framed artwork alongside decorative plates or sculptures. This creates A layered look that adds depth and texture to the wall. Whatever approach you take, Don’t be afraid to experiment with placement until you find the perfect arrangement that complements your decor.

9. Integrate Accent Furniture

Integrate Accent Furniture

Integrating accent furniture is A great way to decorate A large wall in your living room. Not only does It add visual interest, But It also serves as A functional piece that can enhance the overall look and feel of your home. 

One option for accent furniture is A large bookshelf or cabinet. These not only provide ample storage space for books, decorative items, And other essentials but are also visually appealing. You can opt for an open shelving unit or one with doors to hide clutter when needed. Another option is A decorative mirror, Which not only adds dimension to the room but also reflects light and creates the illusion of more space.

10. Match Wall And Furniture

Decorating A big wall in the living area can be A daunting task, Especially if you’re not sure where to start. The first step towards matching your wall and furniture is identifying A color scheme that works well with both elements. Consider incorporating some accent colors from your existing furniture into your wall decor, Whether It’s through artwork or decorative items like pillows or curtains. You could even opt for textured wallpaper that complements the texture of your sofa or coffee table. Another way to match your walls and furniture is by considering their designs.

11. Add A Workspace

Add A Workspace

Consider adding A workspace. Not only will It fill the space, But It will also provide A functional area for you to work or study. Start by choosing A desk that complements your style. If you prefer A modern look, Opt for clean lines and sleek finishes like metal or glass. For A more traditional feel, Choose wood with ornate details. Next, Add accessories like lamps and storage solutions that match the aesthetic of your room. Consider hanging shelves above the desk to display photos, Artwork, Books, Or plants. This will not only add visual interest but also make use of vertical space. To further enhance the workspace’s functionality, Place A comfortable chair at the desk and ensure adequate lighting is available.

12. Add Greenery

Add Greenery

Adding plants and flowers not only brightens up A dull space but also creates A calming effect, making it perfect for relaxation. There are many ways to decorate A big wall with greenery, Depending on your preference and style. You can create A vertical garden using hanging planters or mount shelves along the wall and arrange potted plants on them. Another option is to use macrame plant hangers or geometric metal frames that hold small pots for an artistic touch. Additionally, You can consider creating A gallery wall by framing pressed leaves, Botanical prints, Or vintage botanical illustrations.

13. Consider A Cabinet

Choose A cabinet that fits the overall style and color scheme of your living room. If you have modern furniture, Consider A sleek and minimalistic cabinet. For more traditional spaces, Opt for A wooden cabinet with intricate details. Once you’ve chosen the perfect cabinet, Style It with decor items such as books, Vases, Or picture frames on top of and inside the shelves.

Not only will adding A cabinet help fill up empty wall space in your living area, But It will also provide extra storage for items like board games, Blankets, And other miscellaneous items.

14. Try A Statement Fireplace

Try A Statement Fireplace

A statement fireplace is an excellent way to create A focal point in your living space. With its grandeur, It commands attention and adds elegance to any space. You could choose from numerous styles such as traditional, Modern, Or minimalist designs, Depending on your preference and existing décor. Additionally, Most fireplaces come with mantels that provide additional storage space above the hearth where you can display decorative items like candles or picture frames. Beyond aesthetics, Having A statement fireplace has practical benefits too.

15. Hang A Tapestry

_Hang A Tapestry

A tapestry can add texture, Color, And personality to an otherwise bland space, While also creating an intriguing focal point. With so many tapestries available in various sizes, Styles, And patterns; you are sure to find one that resonates with your unique taste.

Before you hang your chosen tapestry on the living space wall, consider its size and placement carefully. A small or medium-sized tapestry may look dwarfed by A large empty wall space or furniture such as A sofa or TV unit. If you have high ceilings or A particularly tall couch or bookshelf nearby, Choose something larger that will balance out the proportions of the room.

The Final Thought

In conclusion, If you’re looking for A creative way to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank, You should consider using art as A decorating tool. There are many different options available to you, So It’s up to you to decide which one is right for your needs. Whether you choose A large piece of art or smaller accessories, Adding some decorative flair to your space will make It look brighter and more inviting.

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