How To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

How To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

To add some visual interest to A dull living room, Decorations can be placed on the racks. This will give the room A more finished look and can also help to organize the items on the racks. There are a variety of ways to decorate shelves in A living room, And the options are limitless. It is necessary to take into account what type of character the person living in the room has, As well as what type of style they would prefer.

Why Do We Decorate Shelves In A Living Room?

There are many reasons why people might choose to decorate their shelves in A living room. One reason could be that the person wants to add some extra visual interest to the room. Another rationale might be that the person wants to store items on the racks so that they are readily accessible. And finally, Another reason might be that the person wants to create a focal point in the room.

Benefits Of Decorating Shelves In The Living Room!

There are many benefits to decorating your living room shelves. Not only will It make the room look more organized and stylish, But It can also help you save space. You can put all of your books on the shelves in the front of the room, Rather than having them scattered around the floor. Additionally, If you have A lot of DVDs or CDs, placing them on the shelves in the front of the room will make It more effortless to find what you’re looking for.

Here Are Some Easy Guides To Decorating Shelves In The Living Room

1. Take Everything Off Of The Shelves

1. Take Everything Off Of The Shelves

Decorate the shelves with style and creativity to make them stand out and become A focal point in your home. Start by removing all items from the shelves and cleaning them thoroughly. Next, Think about what type of decor would best suit your living area theme or color scheme. For example, If you have A bohemian-inspired living area, Consider adding plants, Candles, Woven baskets, And colorful artwork to your racks.

Make use of different heights and textures when decorating your racks. Mix tall vases with small decorative objects like figurines or picture frames. Use books as both functional storage and stylish decor by stacking them vertically or horizontally on the shelf.

2. Divide Your Shelves Into Sections

Divide Your Shelves Into Sections

Consider what items you want to display on your shelves. Think about incorporating A mix of decorative pieces, Books, And functional items such as baskets or boxes for storage. Once you have an idea of what items you want to display, Divide your shelves based on their function or theme. For example, One section could be dedicated to displaying family photos while another section could showcase travel souvenirs.

To further enhance the look of your divided racks, Consider adding pops of color and texture through decorative accessories such as vases or sculptures. Mirrors can also be used to create the illusion of more space and reflect light throughout the room.

3. Decide On A Color Scheme

Decide On A Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme for your living room can make or break the overall aesthetic of your space. One option for choosing A color scheme is to go with neutrals such as beige, Gray, or white. These colors are timeless and can be paired with just about any decor style. If you want to add some pops of color, Consider using accent pieces like vases, Picture frames, Or books in brighter hues. This could mean using complementary colors like blue and orange or red and green, Or even monochromatic shades like all shades of blue.

4. Start By Placing Flat

Start By Placing Flat

By placing flat items on your shelves first, Such as books or picture frames, You create A base for your decor. This allows you to build up from there and add more decorative pieces without overcrowding your space. It also gives you A sense of balance and symmetry which can be aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Another great tip is to use odd numbers when grouping items together on your racks. Grouping items in threes or fives creates visual interest and makes It easier to arrange different-sized objects together without making Them look cluttered.

5. Place large Items First

Place large Items First To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

Another benefit of placing large items first is that It helps create A sense of order on your shelves. By starting with larger pieces, You’ll have an idea of how much space you have left for smaller items. This will prevent overcrowding or cluttering on your racks.

When selecting large items for your shelves, Consider choosing objects that are functional as well as decorative. For example, A large vase can hold flowers or greenery while adding visual interest to your racks.

6. Fill In With Smaller Items

Fill In With Smaller Items

One great way to fill those empty shelves is by using smaller items. By incorporating various decorative objects of different sizes and shapes, You can create visual interest and add depth to your living room.

For example, You could use small picture frames, Vases, Or figurines as they are perfect for filling up small gaps on your shelves without overcrowding them. You could also try adding some books with colorful spines that match the overall aesthetic of your living area decor. This not only adds color but also brings A cozy feel to the space.

7. Start With Books

Start With Books To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

Books can add character and style to any space. The first step in using books as decoration is to choose the right ones. Look for titles that fit your personality or interests or select books with beautiful covers that will add visual interest to your shelves. Once you have chosen your books, It’s time to organize them on your racks. One popular method is to alternate horizontal and vertical stacks of books, Interspersed with decorative objects like vases or picture frames.

Another way to use books as decor is by color-blocking them. Arrange your books by spine color for A striking visual effect.

8. Collect Items To Decorate Shelves

Collect Items To Decorate Shelves

Collect items to decorate your shelves in the living room. There are many different items that can be used to create A cohesive look for your space. Items such as vases, Ornaments, And figurines can all be used to add personality and life to A boring shelf.

Incorporate Art

Incorporating art into your home décor is A great way to add personality and style to any space.  You can choose from an array of different types of art such as paintings, Sculptures, Or photographs. If you prefer A more abstract theme, Try incorporating pieces that feature bold lines or geometric shapes. Opt for simple yet elegant pieces that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your décor. Furthermore, Besides traditional artwork, Consider displaying other unique items on your shelves such as vintage books or antique trinkets.

Add Family Photo 

Before you start adding photos, Consider the size and style of your shelves. If you have large shelves with ample space, Opt for larger frames that will stand out on their own. On the other hand, if your shelves are A small or narrow living room, Choose smaller frames that can be grouped together for maximum impact. You may also want to consider mixing and matching different frame sizes and styles for added interest.

9. Create An Eye-Catching Ceramics Display

Create An Eye-Catching Ceramics Display

Creating an eye-catching ceramic display. Consider selecting ceramic pieces with different shapes and sizes that can be mixed and matched on the shelves to create an interesting visual effect. You can even experiment with different colors or stick to monochromatic hues depending on what works best for you. Once you have your collection of ceramics ready, Attractively arrange them on the racks so they become the focal point of the room.

10. Create A Memory Wall

Create A Memory Wall To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

Decorating shelves in the living room with these personal items is one of the easiest ways to create A memory wall. Start by selecting an arrangement of shelves that work well together and are big enough to accommodate your items. Once you have chosen your racks, It’s time to start picking out the items you want to display. When creating A memory wall, It’s important to consider the color scheme of your living area so everything blends well together.

11. Use Framed Print

Use Framed Print To Decorate Shelves In The Living Room

Framed prints are an excellent way to add A touch of elegance and sophistication to your living room shelves.  One way to utilize framed prints is by creating A gallery wall on one of your living area racks. Choose frames of different sizes and styles, Then fill them with artwork that speaks to you. This could be abstract paintings or photographs that reflect your personality or interests. Mix and match until you achieve an arrangement that feels visually appealing.

Place them strategically on empty spaces on the shelf, Ensuring they are evenly spaced out and at eye level so they can easily catch the attention of anyone who enters the room.

Large Rectangular Frame

using large rectangular frames is an ideal way of creating A focal point. You can use several frames of different sizes and colors or stick with one oversized frame that captures attention right away. If you prefer symmetry, Stacking two identical frames on top of each other will create A statement piece that looks chic and polished.

Small Square Frame

Selecting small square frames, Go for those that complement your existing decor. There are many options available in terms of color, Finish, And style. If you prefer A more traditional look, opt for wooden frames with intricate carvings or ornate designs. For those who prefer modern decor, Sleek metallic finishes or plain black or white frames are great choices.

Using small square frames to decorate shelves in the living room is an easy way to showcase your favorite memories without taking up too much space.

12. Add Tall Plant

Add Tall Plant

Adding tall plants is an excellent way to decorate shelves in the living room. These natural elements bring life, Color, And texture to your space. Not only do they look great, But they also provide A range of benefits like air purification and stress reduction.

If you have plenty of natural light, Opt for A snake plant or fiddle leaf fig tree. Both are known for their durability and can tolerate direct sunlight without any issues. On the other hand, If your living area gets limited sunlight, Try A Chinese evergreen or peace lily. Another thing to keep in mind while adding tall plants is their placement on the racks. Make sure you choose pots that fit well on the shelf without taking up too much space or blocking other decor items.

13. Use Color To Set Off Your Display

Use Color To Set Off Your Display

By incorporating different shades and hues, You can create an eye-catching display that adds personality to your living space. Neutral colors like white or beige work well with a minimalist design, While bold colors like red or orange add energy to A contemporary space. If you are unsure about which colors to choose, Try using complementary shades that enhance each other’s beauty.

14. Fill In The Gaps On The Shelves

Fill In The Gaps On The Shelves

The shelves are often an overlooked feature. However, These functional storage spaces can actually serve as A focal point for your home décor. With A few simple touches and creative ideas, You can fill in the gaps on your shelves and transform them into eye-catching displays that showcase your personal style.

This could include vases, Picture frames, Or ornaments in hues that match or contrast with your walls and furniture. You could also add some greenery by incorporating potted plants or succulents onto the shelves.

15. Add Tall Objects On The Ends Of The Shelves

Add Tall Objects On The Ends Of The Shelves

Tall objects such as vases or sculptures can create A balance between your shelving units and provide an interesting focal point for visitors to admire. This will add dimension and depth to your living area without overcrowding It with too many decorative pieces. Additionally, Tall objects can also help to frame other items on your shelves, Drawing attention to them in A subtle yet effective manner. When choosing tall objects for your shelves, Ensure that they complement the rest of the decor in the room.

16. Use A Tall Accessory

Use A Tall Accessory

Tall accessories add visual interest and height to your shelving unit that draws the eye upwards, Making your space feel more expansive and luxurious. They also create balance by breaking up smaller objects and adding contrast to the overall look of your shelving unit. Consider placing A tall vase or sculpture on either end of your shelves to create symmetry and draw attention to the items in between. Additionally, Using tall accessories allows you to showcase unique pieces that may not fit well with smaller items.


In conclusion, If you want to add A splash of color and personality to your living area, Consider decorating the shelves. There are many different ways to do this and it’s a great way to show off your personality while still keeping the space organized. If you’re not sure where to start, consider using decorative books, Baskets, Ornaments, Or paintings as inspiration. Finally, Don’t forget to choose pieces that will match the colors and style of your room.

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